Where shall we start? Well all right then...

I think this dish was 22 euros. This town makes you appreciate the little things in life. And there is nothing littler and livelier than macarons.

I've often asked Albertine "Hey, would you like a tiny, sweet, colorful, crunchy cookie made with egg white, sugar, almonds, meringue and cream for 3 euros?" to which she has never responded favorably. However, offer her a macaron and you're in business. We had a lot of these.

There was a long line to get into almost everywhere during lunch hours.

Musée d'Orsay - despite the crowds, it somehow felt fresh and open. They have the most impressive collection of Van Gogh pieces I've seen outside Amsterdam.

Shopping. Shopping everywhere.

Golden hours on various bridges -

We did not climb the Eiffel this time - most of its >6m annual visitors seemed to pick the same week we did.

The weather was frigid, with a few extremely subtle hints at spring - 

The abundance of landmarks is a good reason to wander the city on foot. In future I would recommend bringing a bicycle or motorcycle to get around, however.

Off-script the city can't help but be charming - like when a rather tubby tabby saddles up for a scooter ride downtown.

Palais Garnier - home of the Grand Staircase and the famous "Box #5"...definitely visit and take the tour if you have the chance.

Palais Royal -

Can't not do the Louvre -

I really enjoyed the War Museum and Napoleon's tomb, though photos wouldn't do it justice.

Don't let anyone convince you not to visit Europe because of what's happened here over the last year. Paris and its people have seen very dark times and they remain unshakably lovely. This was for Belgium -